Whilst one of the reasons for sexual issues could be medical another underlying reason and cause of sexual difficulties can very well be psychological and emotional. Embarrassment is understandable however let’s put that on hold for a moment and focus on how to improve your situation. Click here for more information.


All fees are tailored to your personal situation. I will always strive to make sessions affordable for men – without the added stress of being able to afford it..

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Hypnotherapy is one of the most evidence-based interventions available in the field of psychological therapy. It is supported by a broad range of research spanning a period of over 150 years, including modern meta-analysis, systematic reviews, laboratory experiments, brain imaging data, and individual clinical trials. The International Journal for Clinical & Experimental Hypnosis (IJCEH) is an excellent source of hypnosis research material. Available at: http://ijceh.com/ [Accessed 23/11/15].

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