Become a non-smoker with this evidence based approach to hypnosis.


Your session is not a seminar – people forget information at seminars.

This is not a workshop – no powerpoint presentations or difficult things to remember or write down.

Your personally crafted stop smoking hypnosis session is based on my following principles:

”If I tell you, you’ll forget. If I show you, you may remember. But if I involve and immerse you, you will laugh and understand that you have no option than to smoothly be a happy and healthy non-smoker.”

10 reasons to work with me:

  1. Become and learn to stay a non-smoker on this evidence based approach.
  2. My process has been worthy enough to be featured on major news outlets such as Fox, ABC, NBC, Travel Weekly.
  3. Sessions are personally crafted to you and approximately 2-3 hours in one visit.
  4. Through a creative immersion experience you embody all the elements of lapse.
  5. No entertaining cravings.
  6. No jumping into the withdrawal trap.
  7. No will-power needed.
  8. Enjoy the process of eating without worrying about excessive weight gain.
  9. Simple, fun, interactive and a highly effective proven process.
  10. Evidence-based approach to quit smoking.

All points are to be explored during our complimentary consultation.

Listen to what non-smoker Steve (40 a day smoker for decades) had to say about our session in California (2017).

Are you serious about change?

Only one session which spans out to a few sessions in one visit – walk in a smoker and leave a happy and repairing non-smoker. It’s a fun, creative and unique session so you may want to come back just to have a laugh with me…as a non-smoker of course.

Approximately 3 hours or however long it takes for us to feel absolutely confident that you are walking out of my office as a happy and repairing non-smoker.

It is, unless you opt to bring a family member or friend. If you decide to bring someone then we will have the positive chance to use your benevolence towards each other.

In my opinion numbers and percentages don’t mean anything to your session so please remember to ask me this question when you benefit from your complimentary consultation. I will give you my honest answer without distracting you with pointless numbers and percentages.

This should not be a concern for you – leave that to me. I will go over a few points before your session so when you arrive you will be focused on increasing your one and only precious life. Give yourself the permission to hand any doubts (if any) to me…I can handle those.

The priority is for you to become a non-smoker therefore anyone that helps you achieve this is already doing an excellent job.

I can’t be compared as the sound of my voice is mine and no other hypnotherapist can sound like me. It’s vital that you are comfortable with the sound of a therapists voice.

In terms of training/experience, I can be compared to other evidence based Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapists and Registered Smoking Cessation Specialists – however only those that have had their education approved by The British Psychological Society and additionally have had experience as a smoker – like myself.

This is an automatic thought like a doubt that needs to be replaced with something like – ”what if I can stop smoking…before it stops me.”

You may notice that our one to one sessions are longer than others that you may have researched as it will take us that duration to prepare your mind. Sessions are aimed at maximising the amount of time that you remain a non-smoker for some, this will be for the rest of their lives. For others, it may be a shorter time. The complimentary consultation will allow me to assess if you are suitable and ready to become a non-smoker.

Your investment for a wealth of benefits

  • Shared Session

  • £227
    per person
  • Chance to increase your life span
  • Pre-Session Treatment
  • Lapse Session (if needed)
  • Over 3 Consultation Hours
  • Post-Session Treatment
  • Evidence-based approach
  • One to One Session

  • £297
  • Chance to increase your life span
  • Pre-Session Treatment
  • Lapse Session (if needed)
  • Over 3 Consultation Hours
  • Post-Session Treatment
  • Evidence-based approach
  • Pre-Treatment Session

  • £87
    per person
  • Chance to increase your life span
  • Pre-Session Treatment
  • 1.5 Consultation Hours
  • This fee is redeemable against full session
  • Evidence-based approach


All fees are tailored to your personal situation. I will always strive to make sessions affordable for men – without the added stress of being able to afford it..

You're Welcome!


Benefit from a complimentary consultation. For your convenience all consultations are done via phone.

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Hypnotherapy is one of the most evidence-based interventions available in the field of psychological therapy. It is supported by a broad range of research spanning a period of over 150 years, including modern meta-analysis, systematic reviews, laboratory experiments, brain imaging data, and individual clinical trials. The International Journal for Clinical & Experimental Hypnosis (IJCEH) is an excellent source of hypnosis research material. Available at: [Accessed 23/11/15].

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